Oggify is a program, written in perl, that takes FLAC encoded audio and encodes it in ogg vorbis or mp3 audio files. It accepts a directory that contains FLAC files, and outputs a directory tree of similar structure to the source containing mp3 or ogg files.

Oggify can either be run in a terminal or as a GUI using Gtk2. It runs on Linux/Unix systems and Apple OS X. A GPL'd program, it is under frequent development, and suggestions are encouraged.



You can get the lastest stable version of Oggify as a tarball. To install:

  1. Untar the tarball: tar xzf oggify.tar.gz.
  2. Run make to install both the command-line and GUI interfaces: make. Make performs dependency checking for Gtk2-Perl and the Audio::TagLib module.
  3. If you only want one frontend, simply specify it: make oggify or make goggify.

You can get the latest development version by going to the Oggify development page.



Goggify provides a convenient method for seeing the actions that will take place via the list view. Goggify stores its settings between sessions for your convenience, and also allows for easy mode switching.


Some basic usage examples:

Reporting Bugs and Feature Requests

Bugs and feature requests can be reported to the author, Scott Paul Robertson. Please consult the development page before requesting features, it could be that the feature you want is already available.

Get Oggify

tar.gz format

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