Album Sound Check - The GUI

A while ago you'll recall that I wrote a little Python script that would average out the sound check gain adjustment created by iTunes for a given set of songs.

I've gone a step farther and created a simple GUI tool for doing the same.

Album Sound Check (download link) provides a basic interface to editing this field based on the values in a given set of files.

Sound Check GUI

After running the program go ahead and open a directory containing songs from your iTunes library. They will be scanned in and the gain dB adjustment values stored. ASC will then determine an average from this.

You can choose to not have certain songs affect the resulting average by unchecking the "Use" column. You can choose to not have the computed average applied to a given file by unchecking the "Apply" column.

Once you're ready just click "Apply" and ...

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Blog Hiatus

So I don't post very often here anymore. I've determined that this is because I've allowed the focus of this blog to become very narrow.

Good blogs have a subject or general theme. I've tried to keep my posts focused, but it has become far constrained resulting in infrequent posting.

Because of this I'm putting the blog on hiatus until August. No posts, nothing. When it comes back I expect to have redesigned the site, done a major overhaul of the blogging engine, and decided on a broader theme that I will actually write about.

Until then, if you just can't survive without my quips and thoughts, check me out on twitter. You can just follow my RSS feed there if you're not interested in joining.

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