So with yesterday's post on my top three, there are a number of albums that still deserve some praise for being good choices to listen to.

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible. Arcade Fire's sophomore release, and my first experience with them. "Keep The Car Running" still dominates as my favorite single track but usually I just listen to the whole album in bulk. The album flows well together, and makes for excellent music to listen to while coding.

Jimmy Eat World, Chase This Light. This was not what I expected from Jimmy Eat World. The style found in Futures or Stay On My Side Tonight is only found in "Gotta Be Somebody's Blues." The rest of the album tends towards strong, clear, upbeat rock sounds. The lyrics aren't all upbeat though, and the contrast of music to lyrics is delicious. If you've listened to a lot of Jimmy Eat World, you'll find that songs like "Chase This Light," and "Firefight" will remind you of songs from Clarity. Overall I felt like this shift in style has a lot of what they did in Futures, but I kept being reminded of Static Prevails and Clarity.

Guster, Satellite. This EP only has "Satellite" from Ganging Up On The Sun. Most of these are B-sides from the recording sessions for Ganging Up On The Sun and have the same style. Particular enjoyment for concert goers who have heard Brian sing it, the EP has "Total Eclipse Of The Heart." Overall an excellent choice for good music. Guster continues to be my longest running favorite band, and I look forward to the next album, hopefully in 2008.

Maps, We Can Create. Electronic rock is how I'd try to describe Maps. The review on Pitchfork does an excellent job summarizing the album. While it doesn't have a wide range, it is very well done. The consistency of the album makes for wonderful coding music. That feature may have hurt it in the Pitchfork review, but when I'm coding the less jarring transitions the better. My biggest problem is I can't often remember specific songs.

Modest Mouse, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. Some people say that this album was too "pop" and it was a bad move. As things go, this is the album I like the most by them. The songs have a wide (almost too wide) range of mood, which can make listening to the album feel a bit choppy. My favorite part: The latter half of "Parting of the Sensory," reminding us that our carbon will be stolen. A close second is the random "shake shake shake shake shake" in "Missed the Boat." Finally, you need to watch the "Dashboard" music video.

Posted: Dec 27, 2007 | Tags: music

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