WIth the end of the year here in a few days, I thought I'd spend some time reflecting on things from the past year. We'll start with music.

This year has been good for me and finding new music. My roommate over the summer, Adam has a wide taste in music and introduced me to a number of bands. Some of these aren't represented in the following list because their albums did not come out during the past year. My top three albums are all new artists to my collection.

Number One: The National, Boxer. I thought it was good the first time I heard it, but after seeing them live in San Fransisco there was no doubt. This band is amazing. Boxer contains a great range of wonderful songs. From the laid back songs like "Brainy," "Green Gloves," or "Start a War" where the vocals and music just blend beautifully; to the more upbeat like "Mistaken for Strangers," and "Apartment Story" which quickly get you tapping to the beat. "Fake Empire" is the opening track and gives you a great idea of the album. I recommend watching it performed on Letterman to get an idea.

Number Two: Radiohead, In Rainbows. Enough people have raved. I'll just say that this was my first Radiohead purchase, and I quickly went out and bought Ok Computer that evening. You really should get it just to understand all the people you keep talking about it. Also to understand why Last.fm's chart has looked like this since the release.

Number Three: The Honorary Title, Scream and Light Up The Sky. I think I found this band through a Last.fm recommendation. This is their sophomore offering and does not disappoint. The album as a whole flows nicely. Key tracks are "Thin Layer," "Stuck At Sea," "Along the Way," and "The City's Summer" (which contains the album's title lyric). If you like bands like The Format, Guster, and Death Cab for Cutie you should check out this album.

More thoughts to come, including other notable, but less awesome, albums of 2007.

Posted: Dec 26, 2007 | Tags: music

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